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Don’t Become Stranded: Check Your Engine Belts and Hoses

With obligations like work, family, and school it is vital to make sure you keep up on your cars routine maintenance. Belts and hoses are vital to keeping your car engine running, but they are often overlooked until it is too late. Hoses supply important fluids to keep your engine running and belts run important engine components, so making sure they are in good shape is imperative. Below are some reasons why belts and hoses need to be routinely changed:

  • Temperature - Belts and hoses are exposed to extreme heat and cold which over time can weaken them.
  • Debris - Belts and hoses are exposed to dirt, oil, and sludge that can build up over time and cause damage to them.
  • Electrochemical Degradation - Often referred to as ECD, is caused when chemicals and acids in the fluids that hoses carry damage hoses from the inside by weakening yarn material that reinforces hoses.

At Castle Honda we understand how important your car is to you and your family and we want to make sure that all drivers are safe. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your engine belts and hoses come visit our dealership in Grove and have an expert answer your questions.

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