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We Take Dashboard Lights Seriously

Our vehicle service team here at Castle Honda takes dashboard lights seriously. You should too. Maintaining your vehicle will allow you to get more miles out of it. Do not ignore these common lights.

The Battery Light

This light can mean a variety of problems. The most common issue is that your battery level is low. It might be time for a new battery. There may also be a reason your battery is not getting a charge. Reasons can vary such as alternator, belt, terminals, and connections. There could also be something draining your battery. You can have your charging system checked by our automotive team.

The Oil Can Light

This light resembles an oil can with a drip coming from the spout. If this light comes on, you should check your oil immediately. This indicates you have a low oil pressure. You can bring your vehicle to us to have your oil checked. We will find out why your pressure has dropped.

If you have lights on your dashboard, do not wait, stop by Castle Honda today. Our experts can figure out the reason behind those warnings and get your vehicle back on the road.

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