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How to Use Sand, Kitty Litter & Salt This Winter

Salt, kitty litter, and sand have long been the go-to items for the winter seasons all over the country. Each of these items brings to the table some varying elements that, when used together, can provide not only your driveway with ice removal and traction but can also potentially get your vehicle out from being stuck in ice or snow.

For your driveway, it is ideal to start by applying a nice layer of salt intended to act as an ice melt. When this occurs, the salt will dissolve and is no longer going to provide a gritty traction for you and can even still refreeze the water.

Applying a good layering of sand over the salt will make sure that even if the water does refreeze, there will always be the grit of the sand there to give any vehicle on your driveway the traction that it needs.

If you want to be sure your vehicle is ready to handle the winter conditions, bring it into Castle Honda today for winter maintenance. Drive safely this winter.

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