Honda Helps Prepare you for Adult Decisions

So you've finally graduated from college and want to take on adulthood. What better way to grow up than to come over to our Morton Grove, IL dealership to check out a great new Honda as your first big adult purchase? There's a lot to consider when buying your first car, so press play to learn more about Honda Financial Services, and see if it's the right time for you.

For every…

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All-new Honda Civic debuts at New York Auto Show, and its everything we want it to be

There's really no way to prepare your for what you're about to see, so instead of us coming up with a powerful introduction, we'll let it do the talking. Introducing the all-new Honda Civic. Prepare to be amazed.

We first watched its reveal last Wednesday at the New York Auto Show, and needless to say, our team at Castle Honda has been glued to all Honda-Civic news since. Can you believe it…

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2015 Honda Odyssey Earns Best Buy Award

In our humble opinion, the 2015 Honda Odyssey is a stand out choice among minivans.

How so? Well, the 2015 Odyssey is specifically designed to ensure your family's safety while proving for their comfort.

Now, that's an award-winning combination, right? The experts at Kelley Blue Book thought so, too.

That's why KBB named the 2015 Odyssey as the "Best Buy of the Year" in the minivan class.

Drivers simply love the Odyssey…

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New standard feature gives you eyes in the back of your head

Driving can be great fun, but at times it can be near panic-inducing!

There are few times quite as nerve-racking, as nail-biting, as the blind reverse.

Does this scene sound familiar? You're backing out of a tight space at Costco, and the trucks you're parked between block your view of oncoming traffic. You hold your breath, and pull out, only to nearly get side-swiped by someone cruising through the parking lot!


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The Honda CRV is the SUV that treats you right at Castle Honda

On a scale of one to the Honda CRV, how well would you say your current vehicle is treating you?

Here at Castle Honda, we see how our new Honda models treat our customers coming in from Grove, IL, and it's good. Models like the new Honda CRV stand out because when we say the Honda CRV has your back, we mean it literally has your back, and well as all your sides, because…

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The Honda CR-V is More than Well-Rounded

Named the 2015 Motor Trend Sport/Utility of the Year, the new 2015 Honda CR-V is as well-rounded a vehicle you can find on the market today. Designed with precise engineering and loaded with standard and available features, this compact SUV deserves a lot more than praise from a highly respected review source. Come on over to our Morton Grove, IL dealership for a test drive after pressing play on the video below.

Ranking highly…

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Honda Gives Santa the Sleigh of the Future

When you put as many miles on your vehicle as Santa puts on his sleigh, eventually you're going to need a new vehicle, and for Santa's sleigh this holds true. But what would he do when that situation arises? As the following video shows, he would get a sleigh designed just for him by the expert engineers of Honda. What results is a technologically advanced, supremely comfortable sleigh for the hero of the…

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Grab the Road & Go This Winter with the 2014 Honda Ridgeline

With Illinois' hallmark winter snows well upon us, it's time to think about driving in the stuff. If you're vehicle isn't as equipped to handle Old Man Winter as you'd like it to be, you might want to visit our showroom at 6900 Dempster Street and check out the 2014 Honda Ridgeline. As the video below demonstrates, drivers and critics alike have praised the Ridgeline's performance and handling in winter…
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Stretch Armstrong and the Honda Accord Help Celebrate the Holidays

Don't skimp out on spreading holiday cheer this year. Enjoy the amazing deals and remarkable technology found in the new 2015 Honda Accord that you'll discover right here at our Morton Grove, IL dealership. Get a glimpse of the new Accord and a few of its features as displayed here by childhood favorite toy Stretch Armstrong, then come over for a visit.

Not only will you love the available tech features at your…

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There are Two Sides to the Honda Civic Type R Concept's Story

When Honda sets out to unveil a new model, it always does so in a way that really captures our attention. This time around it's the Honda Civic Type R Concept that has made its way into the spotlight. The automaker introduced a "double-sided" video to YouTube that lets you choose which side of the story you wish to watch by simply pressing the "R" key.

Essentially there is a pure wholesome portion of...

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