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2012 Honda CR-V Goes Head to Head With the Competition

The world of compact crossover SUVs is one that's growing increasingly competitive. Drivers in the Chicago area love the style, utility, and efficiency that they offer, which is why so many automakers are redesigning their current offerings and even creating some entirely new ones. And while Castle Honda would be happy to settle compact crossover SUV dispute for good by simply proclaiming the 2012 Honda CR-V to be the best, we know that's…

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Honda & Seinfeld Collaborate on Super Bowl Ad for Acura

This year's Super Bowl ad isn't the first time Honda has featured a cast-member from the timeless, sitcom, Seinfeld in one of their spots. It will, however, be the first time they've cast the lead of the show himself, Jerry Seinfeld, for an Acura ad. The significance of this relationship extends beyond the simple fact that Jerry Seinfeld, is hilarious and highly regarded across many different generations. Jerry Seinfeld, is a known…

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Honda Shipping Fuel Efficient Models to China

China, a nation with a population that is greater than one billion, has some the worst air quality in the world. In an effort to help fix this issue, Honda is sending over 3 new "green" variants of their 2012 models.

Two potential model variants being sent to dealerships in China could include Honda Civic CNG (compressed natural gas), and the Honda Fit EV, which is currently offered only in Japan.

The Japanese automaker's?

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Honda to Offer Diesel Cars in India

Across the U.S. and Canada diesel cars are starting to become popular again. Abroad, in countries like the United Kingdom and Germany, diesel is one of the most widely-used forms of fuel for any type of vehicle.

In India, the price of gasoline has been rapidly increasing partly because of the country's huge population. In order to fight off a fuel crisis, exporters of cars to India, such as Honda, are designing?

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New 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas Variant

Honda Civic sedans available with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Option at dealers, including Castle Honda, located right outside of Chicago at 6900 Dempster St, Morton Grove, Illinois.

Honda has officially announced the pricing for the new 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas variant. The vehicle will start with a base MSRP of $26,155 and the vehicle will be available at...

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2012 Honda Accord Now Available to Drivers in the Chicago Area

Have you seen the new 2012 Honda Accord sedans cruising around the Chicago area and been in complete awe? Well, Castle Honda is here with the latest updates on this new model. The new 2012 Accord is quite similar to the 2011 Accord, which was remodeled to offer better fuel economy and a more stylish trim. This year's model has an even more spacious interior as well as an exterior that is even more…

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Honda Becomes More Efficient and Environmentally Conscious

Jim Motavalli of Car Talk explained that about eighty percent of the car parts that Honda uses in their United States vehicles are made within the United States in some of the most sanitary factories. Motavalli toured a Honda plant in Marysville, OH and saw firsthand how incredible Honda's efforts are to try and reduce waste. The facility is 3.6 million square feet and there is not a piece of land or a…

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Honda Commits to Cutting Carbon Emissions by 30 Percent

Honda has long been committed to the environment and safety and health of its drivers. In fact, it was back in the late '60s when Honda engineers first started reading about the toll pollution has on younger generations worldwide. The reports weren't pretty. Rather, they were quite terrifying.

In 1969, Honda founder, Soichiro Honda, decided to discontinue the company's participation in Formula One Racing so that they could dedicated all of their time…

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2012 Honda Civic EX-L

Available for a test drive soon at Castle Honda in Morton Grove, IL, the Honda Civic EX-L adds some interesting features to the base model.

It's a little more aerodynamic than before, but there is no mistaking the Civic. One of the Japanese auto maker's best selling cars of all time has been slightly redesigned for 2012. In the end, we know it's a Civic, and it will never disappoint.

With their…

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